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Founders Mohammed Qaisi and Mohammed Jebrini, launched Aeliasoft in 2012 to be a competing software development company in the region. With combined career experiences in customer success management, software quality assurance and leading software development projects, Aeliasoft has expanded rapidly since. Starting with local clients and businesses working on simple UI prototyping to a full web and mobile apps, Aeliasoft always delivers a well tailored solution for its customers. Now Aeliasoft works with organizations and people from all around the world.


Aeliasoft aspires to be the leading software and IT company in the region by delivering complete software solutions and related consultation for startups or businesses. We are looking to expand our market share by hiring experienced talents and working with a systematic approach to deliver reliable and secure web and mobile apps.


Aeliasoft is a software development house and consultancy, with a mission to create awesome mobile apps, web applications and deliver cutting edge software development services. We focus on providing high-end software services, by delivering high-quality software products and associated support and consultation services.

Our Clients

Startups to increase their chances to succeed by rapidly prototyping and validating, and using the appropriate latest and greatest technology that are scalable and sustainable on the long run; and Organizations to achieve their business objectives faster, drive operational efficiency, modernize their systems and optimize processes for smarter decisions and better services.

We have worked with different types of customers and company cultures, and have been able to engage and advise our clients during all phases of the software development life-cycle (SDLC).

We know our clients are very selective and so are we. We choose to only engage with clients where we are certain we can help them achieve their objectives, add the right strategic value and be partners for the long term.

Our Clients

We specialize in developing high-quality web and mobile apps that are consumer, business or internal enterprise facing. With a comprehensive list of tools, skill-sets and best practices accumulated over the years, we approach our work with a great deal of experience, curiosity and rigor. Aeliasoft has also worked with, evaluated and formed an opinion on the most current technologies. The fast pace of technology keeps us always intrigued, on our feet, always interested and never bored, this keeps us a happy and curious team.

With the following teams working on our projects we are sure we can find a solution to your problem or upgrade your company software. Many clients come to us with outdated software and apps that with simple UI reskinning or a faster backend database their business experience changes greatly. We do also offer you a free consultation if you have an idea you want to develop or looking for a CTO to solve your problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Aeliasoft Teams And Developers

Frontend developers, working closely with clients to deliver a responsive UI designs with a great user experience in mind.

QA and testing team, working effortlessly to track bugs and report. Aeliasoft extensive testing makes sure you receive a secure and efficient software.

Backend developers, working with latest technologies to ensure your software is fast and secure.

DevOps team, management and DevOps board ensures everything is going according to plan and up to customer satisfaction.


We suggest that you start with a free consultation. This helps both of us to get to know each other before committing. This is completely free with no strings attached.

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